9,226 ft
6,794 ft
5.77 mi

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near Bordes d'Envalira, Canillo (Andorra)

A lovely short tour from Pas de la Casa. You can park closer to the peak but starting from where we did doesn't add much time and keeps you out of the potential chaos of the town. The canal you follow up towards the col is out of site of the town, so it all feels much more tranquil / remote / wild than you would expect that close to Pas de la Casa. And that canal is great fun to ski back down again. The col is easy enough to reach with kick-turns if the snow is soft, if not you might want to bootpack up the last short section. And then there is an easy wide snow slope leading up to the peak, from where you get great views into France, Spain and Andorra. The ski down is easy but interesting and you can get back to the car without poling. You can do the whole thing in under 3 hours.


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