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near Les Sobiranes, Ordino (Andorra)

Better done in spring when the snow is softer than on 26 Dec when the snow is hard and icy.
Approach from the Arcalis ski resort car park, starting by skinning up the pistes. There are several ways in to the Tristaina lake. Pass that lake and the next - Estany de Més Amunt - on the south side. Turn towards the south face, pick the easiest line up towards the colouir. Most teams will swop to crampons at the rock below the colouir. Less confident skiers should leave skis here.
The slopes below and above the narrow point are a steady 45 degrees and the narrow point has a passage between 45 and 50 degrees. Once you reach the ridge, there is a short crest to the summit. The views are breathtaking.
On the ski descent the exposure is big and the fall from the top face is at least 400 vertical metres, with rock bands, before you might stop. If at all icy, ski with an ice axe in hand.
The first photo shows the winter climbing line, the ski line comes in from the right and then climbs the colouir at the top as shown. (The photo comes from the alpine climbing guidebook to Andorra: Corredores de Andorra, by Paka Sánchez, published by Desnivel. Highly recommended!)


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