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near Niseko Town, Hokkaido (Japan)

Another spring touring scenic view of Shiribeshi prefecture area.

Because we went in spring there was enough space to park beside the road, consider that if you go during winter it might be harder to park without interrupting the activities of the snow clearance so you can find your self shovelling a park site before starting.

We started the route besides a private house and we walked thought a forestal plantation, try to be respectful and ask for an excuse if you have a chance.

Approaching the peak we find that the North face and galley were more interesting to ride with the chance that the summit is not as icy as it was that day.

Coming back we found out fun, despite being flat, to do the west ridge of the uphill track.

Just be attentive that around 400mt up from the road to the river there is a dam that you have to surrender in both directions, coming up and down.

Personally, I think is a good spot to find steep and powder drops during the months of January and February without the need to reach the peak.

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  • Photo of hokkaidowilds

    hokkaidowilds May 9, 2020

    Nice job! Konbu-dake is high on our list, so we'll certainly check in with this route next winter. Thank you for sharing!

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