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near Shtupeli i Vogël, Komuna e Pejës (Kosovo)

Ski touring in Kosovo
Ski touring and ski mountaineering is still new in Kosovo. Therefore the only ski traces you might discover will be your own!

Ski tour Mount Hasanit, 1995m

Location: Western Kosovo, Accursed Mountain Range, Rugova Valley
Mount Hasanit, 1995m is the guardian mountain at the north side of the Rugova Valley entrance.

Trail description
The starting point depends on road and snow conditions. With our four wheel drive vehicle we were able to drive up to 990m. From there follow the road to the small summer settlement. Follow the old trail in the middle of the houses and keep climbing straight up (direction N) until you reach the road again at a hairpin bend. Follow the road in direction NW until you reach the next hairpin bend. From here head up north until you reach the flat pasture land with a small summer settlement. From the houses continue in direction NE until you reach the forest. Follow the summer trail route until you reach the mountain ridge at 1900m. Descend a few meters in direction NE and reach the Peak of Mount Hasanit in direction E.

For the descent we followed the same trail. Enjoy the excellent ski slopes from the ridge down to the car park.

Calculate 3 to 3.5 hours for the climb and 1 hours for the descent. The steepest parts of the climb up to the ridge are about 35°.

Avalanche danger
Bring along your complete ski-touring gear, including avalanche shovel, avalanche probe and avalanche transceiver and make sure that all group members are trained in the use. Since no information on the level of avalanche danger is available it is strictly necessary to have a sound knowledge and experience in avalanche danger assessment. It is highly recommended to not take any risks! Search and rescue is less advanced than in other ski touring areas in Europe.

Best season: As soon as there is enough snow, normally Jan-Mar.


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