9,134 ft
6,439 ft
16.05 mi

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near Juberri, Parròquia de Sant Julià de Lòria (Andorra)

A point-to-point tour from La Rabassa to Grau Roig, 3 ascents, 3 descents. The only difficulty is the distance and the final descent from the col de Pessons which can be corniced and prone to avalanche. You pass through valleys not often frequented by skiers (shame about the snowmobilers, though) and the scenery is stunning.

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    ymmark0 Mar 23, 2017

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    As Cathy said, the length makes it difficult. You need to be careful of the entry into Pessons, it's for advanced skiers only - if you're not confident in canals you can enter to Grou to the North of Montmalus, which is easier.

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