Time  4 hours 40 minutes

Coordinates 1495

Uploaded March 1, 2017

Recorded February 2017

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near Iffigenalp, Canton de Berne (Switzerland)

Last Saturday we went to Lenk to do some back country skiing. The weather was wonderful and the Snow in the north faces was powder so we enjoyed every moment.
We have parked the car in Hubelmatte. The first 200m we followed the road and then we passed through the middle of the field. Since there wasn’t enough snow (or this is what the local people said) we decided to follow the track on the road until we arrived at Iffigenalp. There, we continued in the South-West. First following the summer path and then going through the logical way, in the base of the valley. When this valley has ended, we changed direction to the North – West.
Here, I have to make an important point. The avalanche danger during these days is low, so we decided to go through the back of the mountain instead through the Iffigsee and then went to the Heideloch. So, if you are doing this route, please, check the avalanche danger and if it is ”normal” or high, I recommend you don’t follow this little part of the track.
When we were at the back of the Iffighore, we followed the summer path and we arrived at the top. The views were amazing. The Wildhorn among others!
Now it’s time to play! To descend the mountain we decided to do the North – East face. The snow was in a perfect condition and we enjoyed every moment. There was a little part like a little corridor. Maybe it was about 35/40º and only in the beginning it was a little narrow. But it wasn’t difficult and you could do the turns perfectly.
After that, we continued in the same direction (North – East) until we arrived to a little cottage. There, we have two options, following the road until we arrived at the starting point or going through the middle of the forest (our option).
Finally we arrived at the starting point.
We had spent some amazing day in Lenk im Simmental and I’m very nervous waiting for the next time to go there!
I have like to thank our local friend for being with us and making this amazing route!
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