Time  4 hours 25 minutes

Coordinates 1359

Uploaded February 1, 2017

Recorded January 2017

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6,296 ft
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near Grodey, Canton de Berne (Switzerland)

The last weekend I went to Switzerland to spend some days with my partner. I spent four days there, so we had time to do some backcountry ski.
The first day, we went to Matten, a little village near Lenk with the intention to achieve the summit of the Rürolishore. To arrive at there, it’s necessary to catch the train until this village.
The starting point was St. Stephan, a village near Matten, that, if I could remember it’s about three or four kilometers from Matten (Then we saw that there is also a train station so it’s not necessary to do by food).
In St. Stephen, we go towards the south-west direction to find a small path in the middle of the forest. I believe this is the summer path, so in some places it was a little bit difficult to follow it, but still we could manage to keep going up.
To arrive at the expected summit, it’s necessary to continue in the south direction, going through the fields. During all the way, we saw few beautiful Swiss countryside houses.
Due to lack of time we decided to go back, so actually we couldn’t reach the Rürolishore summit. The final track location it’s at the summit of Hinder Laseberg. Although it is a little round mountain, it has great views.
We went down with a fantastic snow and we could enjoy every moment. In my opinion, this is amazing because in Catalonia (Pyrinees) it’s almost impossible to sky in this low altitude with so much powder snow.
We arrived at Matten ready to catch the next train, a little exhausted but very, very happy to this great skiing day!!!

Only a few thinks to have in consideration if you are going to follow this route. The first one is the started point. It’s better to start in St. Stephen, no in Matten. The second one, it’s that the route it’s large, so I think it’s better to start the route early in the morning.
Enjoy the mountains!
Information point

End of the road and start the track

In this point we change the road for the path

Hinder Laseberg

Hinder Laseberg
Information point



St. Stephan

Starting point

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    marta.ferrer Feb 1, 2017

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    We had enjoyed a lot!! Great track!

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