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near Reykjahlíð, Norðurland Eystra (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Herdubreid by ski

- gps-track contains only the going up - on the 23.6.2014
- due to a snowfield, the hike as well as the track starts 9km south-east of the entry point for the west-ascent to herdubreid.
- this time the ascent to and descent from herdubreid were possible nearly totally on skis

- crampons for skis ("Harscheisen") (and shoes) recommended.
- a very reliable technique in going up steeper slopes ("Kippkehre") is strongly recommended. The slope to the edge of the plateau steepens up constantly and depending on snow conditions and route taken, there should be at least 250m (altitude) around 40°, topping 40° in the end.
- due to weather changes and the topography of the upper part, marking the entry point for the slope down is a quite good idea (As long as there's enough snow for skiing, Herdubreid is a pretty, pretty lonely place: No people, no traces, no nothing...)
- taking a helmet should be seen as mandatory: although this time there was not a single stone bouncing around (below the edge of the plateau), two years ago (less snow, a little warmer, same time of year) there were lots of them - released by defrosting and wind.

- difficulty: AD (alpine grade for ski alpinism, SAC)

- note: It's a really, really beautiful hike as long as you feel comfortable, especially in the part below the edge of the plateau: In partly icy conditions slipping, when going up or falling, when skiing down would quite possibly be fatal (The slope would take you down at least 400m (altitude) or even to its feet - see the added fotos). Not saying this to frighten anyone. Go there: It's indescribable,... as long as you are familiar with the skill level and you know how, when and where to skip plans... due to weather, snow or mental conditions.


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