Time  5 hours 32 minutes

Coordinates 1928

Uploaded February 1, 2017

Recorded January 2017

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near Grimmialp, Canton de Berne (Switzerland)

The last weekend I went to Switzerland to spent some days with my partner. I spent four days, so we had time to do some backcountry ski.
The second day we changed the area and we decided to go to Grimmialp with the intention to reach at the top of Rauflihorn.
To arrive at Grimmialp using public transport it’s necessary to catch the train until the Oey-Diemtigen and then take a bus until Grimmialp. At the last bus station is where the track starts. Then you should take the south-west direction. The first little part of the track it goes with the cross country skiing routes, so you have to be careful to not disturb them and not squash the trace.
Quickly, we change in the south direction to begin the adventure.
The next two and a half kilometers we went following a forest track, but suddenly we arrived in a large wide valley with wonderful views. In our right, we had a rugged mountains and in the left side our goal.
By following the summer path, going through the fields we arrived at the end of the valley, at Grimmifurggi. In the west side, there is a little summit (that I couldn’t find the name) that we decided quickly to reach the top (less than 100 hundred meters).
Afterwards, we continue to our authentic goal, the Rauflihorn. Since there, there is a large rise until we could arrive at the summit.
The large effort that we had done at the end rewarded with the views at the summit. It was really amazing, I don’t have any words to describe that landscape!
At the top, we took some photos and ate something, then we went down. We did the same route. We enjoyed every turn with powder snow. The snow it’s fantastic and the weather as well!
The only more thing that I can say is to enjoy the track!!

Aplhütte Alp Grimmi

Tipical Swiss country hause


Grimmiapl. Also it is and ski resort
Mountain pass





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    marta.ferrer Feb 1, 2017

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    Exhausting but with an amazing views!!!

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