8.7 mi

Elevation gain

2,874 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,874 ft

Max elevation

9,524 ft



Min elevation

6,543 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of From Meghradzor town to Mount Artavaz (2929 m)
  • Photo of From Meghradzor town to Mount Artavaz (2929 m)
  • Photo of From Meghradzor town to Mount Artavaz (2929 m)
  • Photo of From Meghradzor town to Mount Artavaz (2929 m)
  • Photo of From Meghradzor town to Mount Artavaz (2929 m)
  • Photo of From Meghradzor town to Mount Artavaz (2929 m)


5 hours 19 minutes




October 4, 2017


March 2017

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9,524 ft
6,543 ft
8.7 mi

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near Ter Ghazarents’ Gomer, Kotaykʼ (አርሜኒያ)

Skiing trail description
The trail, which is located in Kotayk region 73 km from Yerevan, is passable in January, February, March and even April 15 inclusive. The ski run starts from the last residence – Meghradzor town. The mountain is also interesting for hiking. The water reservoir of Hankavan is also visible from the Mount. The ski run of Mount Artavaz passes through the canyon, along Marmarik River, and then rises up sharply. This section is dangerous with the snowstorms, and it is advised to follow the trail without going off road. The most beautiful scenes are opened from the peak areas.

Monuments description
Mount Artavaz is one of the peaks of the central parts of Pambak sierra (2929 m). It has a seldom semi-round form. The height is 2929 m. Artavaz village is located on the inclines.
It is advised to visit Kecharis church complex and the biggest ski resort of Armenia in Kotayk region on the back way.

Kecharis Monastic Complex is built in the 11th-13th centuries and was a prominent religious and cultural center of medieval Armenia.
In Kecharis lived and worked the great scholars and politicians of that period. It consists of four churches, a yard and two chapels. The general chapel is the church of St. Gregory the Illuminator built in 1033 by Grigor Magistros. The gravures on the southern entrance are the most prominent evidences. The monastery has been repeatedly destroyed and renovated over the centuries.

S. Nshan Church
The outer garment of the church is quite restrained; the eastern front is designed with two "Armenian hollows" with windows looking at the altar. The Church Katoghike is rectangular, with a cross-shaped and domed building, as well as with two-storied tombs in four corners. Katoghike is one of the most magnificent churches in the Kecharis monastery. At the same time, Kecharis monastery is in complete harmony with the landscape.

About fauna
It is possible to meet bears on the peaks and inclines of the mountain.

Safety and Security
The Viva Cell and Ucom mobile connections are available from Meghradzor village up to the highest peak of Mount Artavaz. In case of an accident, rescue services function in Armenia 24/7 and the number is 911. Beware of dogs in the village.

Trail technical parameters
Best period: January-April
Distance: 74 km from Yerevan,
Duration: 1 hour 18 min by car
Cost: 7500 AMD
Ski trail length: 14 km
Skiing duration: 5 hours 19 min
Altitude from sea level: 1950-2929 m
The best drink is hot tea

How to get to the trail
The departure from Yerevan to Megradzor village of Kotayk province should be done by car (taxi), in order to reach the above mentioned ski trail. The reliable taxi cars are all over Armenia and with electronic counters that are quite affordable.







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