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Uploaded March 21, 2016

Recorded March 2016

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near Korvanen, Lappi (Suomi)

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Duration: 4 hours
Departure: Refuge 5 - Luirojärvi autio-varaustupa (286 m)
Arrival: Refuge 6 - Tuiskukuru autio-varaustupa (290 m)
Distances and cumulated altitude: 8.8 km; +190 m / -195 m
Difficulty: 2/5
Full route: 2016.03.13-20 - Urho Kekkonen National Park, Finland (8 days)

Saturday 19.03.2016 - Stage 6 (seventh day): Luirojärvi - Tuiskukuru
Pulkero: Elena, Marta & Vito

Seventh day in the heart of the Urho Kekkonen National Park, Finland. Today's stage is a short distance. It is 12ºC below zero, a reasonable temperature but today a strong wind blows. We left by the south end of Lake Luirojärvi where the waters of the Luiro River are born, but we do not find any bridge that allows us to cross it, so we decided to go back and cross the end of the lake on the ice. The Luusuanvaara (374 m) is located to the west, on the right (north), before descending on the other side in the Ampuoja valley (313 m). There is no trace in the forest, so we open a path following the direction of the GPS, and looking for the best way to pass with the pulkas. Once on the other side, we started a long detour towards the southwest and after crossing the Ampuoja river, we went in search of the pass that separates the Ampupäät (526 m) and the Ampukankaanvaara (429 m). While we were in the forest we were protected, while the hill is whipped by the wind. A long descent leads to the Tuiskukuru River and the refuge (autio-varaustupa, 290 m).
We only have 6 reserved seats: in Kiilopää, we were told that 4 more people will share the varaustupa with us, so we raffled the 3 companions who will sleep in the free part of the shelter (self-help), without mats. So far, nobody has yet appeared and it's three in the afternoon. Let's see if there is luck and nobody comes? ...

For the first time since the beginning of this trip we take the food at the point of arrival: a hot broth, some sausage and chocolate cookies. It is still early and around 4pm, we decided to go and recognize the road tomorrow and why not, climb the two peaks that can be seen from the shelter windows on the other side of the Tuiskujoki River. After passing the small bridge that crosses it, we turn left. After about 100 meters we find some traces that go up to our right, where we will access the route to Kiilopää tomorrow. We follow them. We ascend around a kilometer with good slope, until a small hill (380 m). Once there, the direction is clear (to the north) to the first of the mountains (436 m). If we continue in the same direction, after passing a small hill access to the second summit (443 m) from where we witness a beautiful sunset between silver clouds and rounded tops on the horizon. The show is total! To return to the refuge we descend diagonally directly from the summit and once we have crossed the forest in a southeasterly direction, we will inevitably hit the river. It only remains to go up to the refuge. It is past 6pm when we arrive and in the end, nothing is known about the 4 skiers who had to share the refuge with us: we will learn later that because of the strong wind in the valley, the small group did not come up to us. In the refuge, Ferran and Vito finish a game of Rummikub while a pot of water is heated in the fire: for dinner tonight, couscous with tuna in olive oil; a delicacy! For dessert, dried apricots, dried kiwis and chocolate.

Tomorrow a long day awaits us; a Finn with his wife in the free part of the refuge explains to us in English how we propose, that is, to reach the Suomunruoktu refuge (13 km) and then continue to Kiilopää (in total 26 km), normally it is not done in a day. That the route has no major complication but with special insistence warns us: the people here are lost and to boast of their strength, dies easily; that the first thing is safety! The message, without intending to be overly alarmed, is that if we do not see it clearly in the middle of the road, we should not hesitate to stay at the refuge: "people can sleep on the ground if needed, something common in Finland, if It is an emergency. " We thank you for these tips and we say goodbye to our guests. Our idea for the next day is to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning and travel the first part of the route to the refuge, for once there, depending on the time and our strength, decide whether to stay or continue to Kiilopää. After dinner, we leave the breakfast ready and with the alarm clock on, at 8:00 p.m. the first of us go to bed. For others it is a little early still and in the dormant shelter, Ferran and I take a game of Rummikub; the camera ready, in case of a last aurora. At 10pm, the sky has not cleared. It is freezing cold: 14ºC below zero, with a strong wind; pity: with this landscape we would have made some magnificent photos! At 22: 15h we blow the last candles, thinking about the long day tomorrow.
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Note on reservations: The mountain center of Kiilopää, 250 km north of the arctic circle and half an hour from the city of Ivalo, ensures reservations in the National Park shelters and delivers the keys to the varaustupa (closed shelters) . It is also the main information point in the Saariselkä.

Mountain Center of Kiilopää
Kiilopääntie, 620
FI-99830 Saariselkä - FINLAND
Tel: +358.16.670.0700
Mail: kiilopaa@suomenlatu.fi
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