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  • Photo of ghost river area
  • Photo of ghost river area
  • Photo of ghost river area
  • Photo of ghost river area
  • Photo of ghost river area
  • Photo of ghost river area

Time  one hour 26 minutes

Coordinates 1022

Uploaded August 12, 2013

Recorded August 2013

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5,230 ft
4,590 ft
11.29 mi

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near Waiparous, Alberta (Canada)

ghost river area


  • Photo of Kevcra

    Kevcra Aug 13, 2013

    Lots of different mountain terrain you could a couple days exploring in this OHV it's on crown land so do what you want and go wherever you want but do stay within the ATV trails all of them are marked and you can get maps for the major trails it is very beautiful scenery so I suggest taking your cameras and spending a weekend out there. and remember be safe riding in the wilderness there are wild animals around :)

  • Toadman Nov 28, 2014

    For fabric ATV trail maps of the Ghost or McLean Creek OHV PLUZ areas, please see or pick one up in North Calgary 226-5579. For the Crowsnest Pass area (C5) in southern Alberta see
    Join the local ATV club and support trail stewardship and club rides:

  • Toadman Nov 28, 2014

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Lots of ATV riding in the Ghost PLUZ area. Lost Knife trail is one of the worst trails for being damaged by 4x4s in wet conditions. Suggest Leisure to the west as an alternate. Accessed from South Ghost staging area (about 500m south)

  • Jamesbate Feb 12, 2016

    Hey how do I get to the staging area of the ghost river area to take my quad out I just recently moved here to Calgary a week ago and would like to find some good trails to go ride

You can or this trail