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Trail identifier (Wikiloc ID): 83647

2,985 f
2,221 f
11.39 mi
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near  Kálfafell, Vestur-Skaftafellssysla (Ísland)

On September 22nd 2007 we hiked from the Jökulheimar cabin to the rock formation Dór. Although Dór is interesting enough, I'm not sure I'd recommend a hike this long to view it - there's a perfectly good 4x4 track that runs most of the way! We had to do it this way only because the Book (Icelandic Mountains) prescribes this route ....


  • Keithb Nov 11, 2011

    can anyone tell me how to get to Jokulheimar hut, using public transport, i hope to visit Iceland in May/June 2012 to ski from Jokulheimar to the east side of Vatnajokul ice cap, also who owns the hut and do i require permission to stay there? thanks

  • Photo of Leifur Hákonarson

    Leifur Hákonarson Nov 11, 2011

    The hut belongs to the Icelandic Glaciological Society - if you Google "jökulheimar glaciological hut" then you'll find a wealth of information. No public transport as far as I know - and your time-frame may in fact coincide with the season that might best be described as "mud" - during which vehicle travel in the highlands is BANNED (as opposed to being "at own risk"). I am not quite sure of this - check with the road administration (

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  • Photo of Dór

Technical difficulty: skill Moderate

Time:  5 hours 16 minutes

Coordinates: 991

Uploaded: January 14, 2008

Recorded: September 2007

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