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1.383 m
445 m
26,7 km
2156 maal bekeken, 23 maal gedownload
nabij  Five Corners, New Hampshire (United States)

Beaver Brook parking area, through the xcountry ski area, FS roads to a skidder road, to the Garfield Trail, to Garfield summit, east on the Garfield Ridge Trail to Galehead Hut to Galehead, down the Gale River Trail. All standard disclaimers apply: IIRC. YRMV. IMHO. FWIW. HYOH. No warrenties, expressed or implied, are made that any information in this post is accurate, reliable, or appropriate for any particular situation. Attempting to follow tracks or examples provided here may lead to dismemberment, other serious injury, loss of life, and damage to or loss of property.

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    perogi99 21-mrt-2010

    I am glad my track was helpful to you during your trip. Would you be able please to sponsor me so that I could join Views From The Top? My email is Thanks, Paul

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Uploaded: 20 maart 2010

Recorded: maart 2010

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