Technical difficulty   Difficult

Time  4 hours 18 minutes

Coordinates 1185

Uploaded February 13, 2010

Recorded September 2009

3,317 f
1,997 f
6.11 mi

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near Arona, Canarias (España)


  • fanny monqui Sep 14, 2011

    Muy buenas, Quisiera saber si se llega a la cima, y tambien, por donde se inicia la ruta y si está bien señalizada. Gracias. Un saludo Fanny

  • Photo of Palmiv

    Palmiv Sep 14, 2011

    The route can be started where the track goes out from the road (TF-51). The trail is clear most of the way except in cliffs near the top accessing from the north. Taking the south track (the return part) to the summit is easy and the trail is clear all the way.

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