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near  Ruma Bāzār (Bangladesh)

Expedition:"The last Horizon" Autumn 2013 by BD Explorer. BD Explorer: Fahim Hasan & Saki Khan During this yearly autumn expedition BD Explorer explored the southern most hilly area of Rangamati & summited locally well-known peak "Taung Prai".A very beautiful dome shape mountain at Rang Tlang border range is the most south-eastern border peak of Rangamati district.It is also the last major peak at Rang Tlang range inside our border.View seen from the top is mind-blowing.Taung prai is a Marma word.Means "Ulta pahar"(উল্টা পাহাড়).In 2013,6 November Fahim Hasan along with Saki Khan from Dhaka summited the peak of Taung Prai and measured this peak as 2,959 feet by Garmin gps device for the first time. Taung Prai ------------- Location:Belaichori,Rangamati. Range:Rang Tlang. Elevation:2,959 feet(GPS accuracy 3m+/-) Nearest village:Kes Pai(Khumi) Geo position: 21° 54.176'N 92° 37.611'E Measured by: BD Explorer. All the information’s about this peak and nearest villages were successfully collected & documented by BD Explorer during this expedition. Expedition zone: Partly Southern Belaichori of Rangamati & Partly Ruma of Bandarban district. Trekked route: Komla Bazaar(Below Boga lake chander gari stand) – Boga lake- Darjhiling para - Keokradong - Passing para –Theikhyang para- Thingdawl Te para – Jaruchori para – Leng Pa - Kes pai - Summit Taung Prai - Kes Pai - Leng Pa - Jaruchori - Sunsawng para –passing para –Keokradong – Darjiling para –Boga lake –Komola Bazaar. Expedition trek odometer: 63.23 km Data collected by: Garmin Etrex 20 GPS. Expedition trail difficulty: Moderate (for regular trekker).


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