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near  Hoonah, State of Alaska (United States)

Boat trip to meet humpback whales in the Inside Passage on our way to Seward.


  • Photo of Forest

    Forest Oct 19, 2007

    Hi Jordi, did you night on shore?

  • Foto de Jordi

    Jordi Oct 20, 2007

    Actually no :-) we leaved Hoonah harbor with a boat and our kayaks and went until the last 2-3 nautical miles of the trip. There we started to paddle for some hours and returned back by boat. That particular area is breathtaking and Alaska is simply one of the most beautiful places in the World that remain authentic.

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  • Foto de The location where we met the whales

Dificultad técnica:  skill Moderado

Tiempo:  one hour 7 minutes

Coordenadas: 312

Fecha de subida: April 11, 2006

Fecha de realización: August 2005

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