Technical difficulty:   Difficult

Time:  13 hours 10 minutes

Coordinates: 4522

Uploaded: September 22, 2010

Recorded: August 2010

8,794 f
2,256 f
189.49 mi

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near Samarqand, Samarqand (Ўзбекистон)

Summer 2010 - On Motorbike, from Italy to Mongolia. About 50 days 1 August


  • Photo of NANDOXC

    NANDOXC Jul 19, 2012

    Hello Gian, All this track from Italy up to Mongolia its made off or on road? Im planning my trip and want to get all the information posible. Thanks for all Fernando

  • Photo of giannisax

    giannisax Jul 19, 2012

    Hi, In Tajikistan off road Now the Border of Pendjakent are Closed See at In Mongolia off road ( 400 from Ulaan Bataar on Road) I'm starting a new trip at July 21th (two days) you can follow me here : CIAO

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